Welcome to Clinton Middle School

Friday is a half day.  NO BUSES will run.  NO LUNCH will be served. 

NOTE from Sandy Runions

I am retiring.  After 40 years, it is time to leave. 

I started teaching at Halls Middle School in Knox County.  If you know anyone, like Bonnie, Jimmy Disney, Alisha Hodges, or Harry Housely, who were there in the eighth grade in 1972, tell them “Miss Crutchfield” is retiring.  I still have the cards and the set of iris’ sketches.  I want to hear from you.

I’ve taught reading at Fairview (1974)—Shilda Clark, Varsalona, Whitehead were always professional and a class act.   Ms. Bell, Alsop and Sharpe taught me a lot. Students: Stacy and her little brother, and Linda, Mike and Mark were there.

Clinton Junior (1976) with Barbara Burton and Toni Carpenter, Carol Coffee and Maria Gee, Denise Pennington, Kaye Norris and I helped a lot of students.  Carla, Russell, Tracey, Diane, John, Jingles, Suzy, Rick, literally too many to mention, and Robert—who I have asked about frequently and never saw again.  Catch me up on what you are doing now.  Thank you Kathy for bringing your children to meet me. 

 Then on to Claxton in 1980.  Walter, where are you?  It was good to see you again Michael, Will, Sam, Tim and son Jacob, George and son, Boswana, Gabe, Connie and Tammy, Steven, Aaron, June and April, Curtis, Kim, Preston, The Niner’s.  Fifteen years of helping students improve their reading skills and learning to be real people, it would be impossible for me to name all of you.  You know who you are and you know I want to hear from you.  The teachers are impeccable, Debbie, Stacy, Liza, Kathy, MaryRuth, Effie, Mr. Dabney and Mr. Stonecipher.  I thank all of you.

I came to Clinton Middle in 1995 as the Librarian.  I really enjoy helping each of you find the right book.  So now I have so many—no, all of you—to give me back my memories.  I have seen some of you as you come back with your children and others as you come back to teach in this county so I will not try to list names.

To the class of 1968:  I came to this county in 1965 as a sophomore.  I remember Fred and Jim, Rebecca’s mom, Janice and Nancy, Larry and Charlotte.  After three curtain calls, I am finally going to leave this building. 

I ask all of you to send me a selfie and a memory to sandyrunions@att.net.  I can be found on facebook.  With all of the pictures you send I will finish my scrapbook of my teaching years.   

AND send me one other thing.  Ask your parents or grandparents about the integration of Clinton High in 1956 and going to school at Linden in Oak Ridge.  Send me their words.   I will put their quotes in the book I am writing with their initials instead of their names.  I am particularly interested in W.D. Human’s first year—the year after Dr. Britain left.  Take a picture of any picture that you have of the old days in Clinton and e-mail me those.

Love you all.  Sandy Crutchfield Runions       sandyrunions@att.net.  


New Pick Up

December 2, 2014

CMS Parents,

                We have had several incidents in front of the school this year where students have almost been hit by vehicles. We have noticed that drivers are trying to crowd behind the deputy’s cruiser, two lanes deep. This is a single lane, although quite wide, and is not intended to be a double drop-off area. We are working with the State and City to get this remedied which will take time. In the meantime, we have to do something to better provide for the safety of the children. We are going to be pro-active before something bad happens, instead of being reactive after something bad happens.

In an effort to make sure our children are safer, we are going to change some things up for morning drop-off. These changes will start when we return from Christmas Break; EVENING PICK-UP WILL NOT CHANGE!

  1. Front area (N. Hicks Street) will be for buses only. The designated BUS LANE will be strictly enforced.
  2. Before school, all student drop-offs will be at the back of the school. (Marshall Street). You will enter Marshall St. from Broad Street NOT Leinert Street. (Remember, we are trying to eliminate any student having to cross traffic.) (see map below) DO NOT PASS THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU (it is a double yellow line)…wait.
  3. Students will exit the vehicles on the right side (passenger side) directly onto the sidewalk. (The whole sidewalk is the designated drop-off area.) The entry for students will be marked. (Please make sure the student is ready to exit when you pull to the curb.) Drop-off should be quick.
  4. If you arrive AFTER 8:30am, front drop off will be permitted in the bus lane and entry will be made via the security door. (after 8:27am, the student is tardy)

We know this may cause some of you inconveniences and for that we apologize. We believe the added safety for the students far outweighs these. Give it a couple weeks and it will become routine and no longer an inconvenience. You will be receiving more reminders prior to Christmas Break.



Recent New


Students will be dismissed 90 minutes early each WEDNESDAY.  This early dismissal allows for ongoing and meaningful professional development for all teachers and is designed to implement the Common Core curriculum. We dismiss on Wednesday at 2:10.

Piloting New Grading Procedure
We are piloting a new grading system.  Click here to read about this new procedure for student grades.

Please contact me and I will forward your response to the person most capable of answering your questions.  Webmaster:  srunions@acs.ac