Morning Drop Off

CMS Parents,

                We have had several incidents in front of the school where students have almost been hit by vehicles. We have noticed that drivers are trying to crowd behind the deputy’s cruiser, two lanes deep. This is a single lane, although quite wide, and is not intended to be a double drop-off area. We are working with the State and City to get this remedied which will take time. In the meantime, we have to do something to better provide for the safety of the children. We are going to be pro-active before something bad happens, instead of being reactive after something bad happens.

         In an effort to make sure our children are safer, we are going to change some things up for morning drop-off.

  1. Front area (N. Hicks Street) will be for buses only. The designated BUS LANE will be strictly enforced.
  2. Before school, all student drop-offs will be at the back of the school. (Marshall Street). You will enter Marshall St. from Broad Street NOT Leinert Street. (Remember, we are trying to eliminate any student having to cross traffic.) (see map below) DO NOT PASS THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU (it is a double yellow line)…wait.
  3. Students will exit the vehicles on the right side (passenger side) directly onto the sidewalk. (The whole sidewalk is the designated drop-off area.) The entry for students will be marked. (Please make sure the student is ready to exit when you pull to the curb.) Drop-off should be quick.
  4. If you arrive AFTER 8:30am, front drop off will be permitted in the bus lane and entry will be made via the security door. (after 8:27am, the student is tardy)